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November 15, 2018 3 min read

Hey, Y’all!

Well, we survived another night, but could we survive biking and boating and backbiting bitches, too? Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

I am glad that Kameron and I were able to talk at the hotel bar after Brandi confronted LeeAnne. Kameron and I have always had a unique relationship because of our family connection. She understands the pressure that I am under with running my business and being a part of a family that is very involved in the Dallas community. However, looking back on it, I feel that it was a one-sided conversation. I felt that I was apologizing to Kameron for the way I behaved the night before in the midst of my anger, but it seems like Kameron thinks I was apologizing for everything that happened. I still believe that she had a lot of blame to share with me when it comes to our argument. I guess she doesn’t see that, but I was willing to fall on the sword in order to salvage the relationship. Now that I got the chance to talk with Kameron on our own, I knew that LeeAnne and I had our own “Come to Jesus” meeting ahead.

During lunch with LeeAnne and Stephanie, I came to the conclusion that LeeAnne and I are both very hurt and are both having trouble moving forward from the past few months. Stephanie was the perfect person to have with us for a reconciliation discussion. She is friends with both of us and really doesn’t choose sides. Stephanie is always fair and the bonus is that she is a former social worker, so she has a background in conflict resolution. Having her there to mediate those harsh feelings between us was great.

Listening to LeeAnne compare her comment about my bank account to my comment about her and Rich leading separate lives was a real eye-opener. I felt that she was hanging on to something I said one time, and she felt the same way about me. So, that’s when I realized we would only be able to move forward if we just decided to let it all go. We didn’t need to keep apologizing to each other for the same things over and over again, we just needed to GET OVER IT. One thing I don’t understand is when LeeAnne said I “took away her opportunity to love me.” The opportunity has not and has never been taken away. People choose whom they want to love and when they want to love. It is an individual decision, and we all have free will in love and in life. Through all of this, I have still considered LeeAnne my friend, but friends fight sometimes! We have a long way to go, but after this conversation, I thought we might have a chance of getting there. 

It is obvious that LeeAnne and Brandi, however, are not willing to take those baby steps to mend their relationship quite yet. I don’t think that LeeAnne was being malicious when she was filming us at the Baltic Sea, but I understand why Brandi would feel that way. They have had a very tumultuous relationship from the beginning, so Brandi feels that LeeAnne filming her naked can only have evil connotations. Even though Brandi filmed this for national television, LeeAnne having the ability to release a video of Brandi swimming naked is a scary thought to Brandi. I definitely felt caught in the middle on the bus when they were fighting and when Brandi brought it back up at dinner. My friendship with Brandi is still new and finding its legs at this point, and my friendship with LeeAnne is in a very fragile state of rehabilitation.

Tune in next week to see how fragile it really is!

Love, D’Andra

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