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October 04, 2018 4 min read

The ever-important cleanser; when you skip this step in your skincare routine at night, you can feel and see it the next day. A cleanser maintains your skin’s healthy glow, removes dirt and excess makeup, and is the safest way to ensure you are putting your best face forward. If a good cleanser can do so much for your skin by improving its appearance, you should definitely choose the one that is right for you. Finding the right cleanser is like finding that favorite and dependable pair of leggings—you know you will always look good in them! This is my list of important items to look for when searching for the right cleanser.


Is the cleanser good for your skin type?


Knowing your skin type is an important first step in choosing products tailored to meet your skin’s needs. Having this knowledge on hand is beneficial because some ingredients will work better for your skin type than others. You will want to ensure you’re using a cleanser that is made for your skin type because using the wrong cleanser can actually hurt your skin by not combatting the right skin concerns. Also, different cleansing formulations will affect the pH of the skin in various ways. Most mild cleansers are slightly acidic and beneficial to the skin. Your skin’s pH is between 4.5 and 5.5, so a cleanser close to that pH is a good bet, but consulting with your dermatologist if you have specific and difficult skin issues is a must. Most skin care companies will list what skin types their products work best for, but if not, don’t be afraid to ask!


There are so many cleansers out there with a plethora of different ingredients, it can be difficult to determine which one to add to your cart. If you’re looking to target a specific skin issue, choose a cleanser that not only will work well for your skin type but explicitly states it will help your concern(s), whether it be acne, dryness, aging, etc. It’s important that you know what will and won’t work for you, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.


Exfoliation is vital


If your skin is sensitive, you may be scared to try anything with any amount of exfoliation. While certain cleansers can be harmful to those with sensitive skin, there are others that offer light exfoliation and may be better suited for your skin type. Exfoliation is an important thing to look for in a cleanser, because this key element helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells, leaving you with that coveted glow.


However, you don’t want to overdo it when it comes to cleansing. If you scrub too hard or use a cleanser that may be too harsh for your skin, your face can end up looking red and dry. Some cleansers contain harsh exfoliating elements like walnut hulls, apricot kernels, and plastic beads made from polyethylene, to name a few. These methods of exfoliation can actually tear your skin and cause you to age, break out or make your skin even more sensitive.  Make sure you start with a gentle cleanser, like our AM Cleanser that lightly exfoliates with jojoba beads and small amounts of fruit acids. There’s nothing quite like hearing the compliment, “Oh my gosh, your skin is just GLOWING!”


Check the label


As I have pointed out, there are actually ingredients included in some cleansers that can irritate the skin. I know this is strange, but believe it, because it’s true. These ingredients typically come in the form of phthalates, sulfates, parabens, and phosphates. Sulfates are used to create lather in soaps, cleansers, and shampoos, while phthalates are usually found in fragrances and are used as a moisturizing and softening agent in skincare, as well as an element that fuses other ingredients together. Ingredients such as these can have negative health effects not only on the skin but also the entire body. At Hard Night Good Morning we do not use such ingredients and find it beneficial to avoid them altogether.


What kind of cleanser is it?


There are actually a wide variety of cleansers, from milk to gel to cleansing balm to pre-cleansing balm and more. The way these different kinds of cleansers work with your skin type will vary. Of course, the ingredients in a cleanser have something to do with what skin type it is targeting. For example, a cream or milk cleanser is going to be better for skin that tends to be drier and for more mature skin, providing extra hydration. We have reformulated our PM Oil Cleanser which is for makeup removal and for more mature/dry skin and we hope to be introducing the new formula soon….so stay tuned! Our AM Cleanser is a gel-based cleanser and works well for all skin types. It is also great to use with a cleansing brush like the ones from Clarisonic, which I use every day.


One of the things I cannot stress enough is that the right cleanser is just as important as the right serum, moisturizer, and all other aspects of your skincare routine. Pay attention to your skin and what you’re putting on it, and you will be thrilled with the results!

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