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Our Story


Several women in the Simmons family have been affected by cancer, and Dee Simmons was not taking it lying down! After an eight hour modified radical mastectomy, she decided to turn tragedy into a mission that refocused her life and the trajectory of her future.

Inspired by her mother's desire to help others, D'Andra Simmons decided to join her mother in this newfound calling. For over two decades, the Simmons' women journeyed around the globe, searching for answers to a healthier lifestyle.

Using their experience and the knowledge gained on these travels, plus hours spent counseling with herbalists, naturopaths, nutritionists, and laboratory research, they developed a proprietary supplement line. Today, Ultimate Living continues to formulate unique blends that are based on the most up to date scientific data.

Ultimate Living® nutritional products are manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Our supplements are formulated to strengthen and maintain a healthy immune system, plus contribute to overall health and wellness.

Ultimate Living International has always been on a mission to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements and skincare products available on the market today. In addition to providing exceptional nutrition, each formula that we manufacture is one of a kind and formed with intention and a desire to heal others and the world.

Along with Ultimate Living's nutritional supplements, D'Andra Simmons created Hard Night Good Morning, a naturally derived, aloe vera based, cruelty-free skincare line.

In 2018, Dee retired and D'Andra took her mother's place as the President and CEO of Ultimate Living International with the same passion and mission to heal the world, one person at a time, starting from the inside and radiating out!