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January 08, 2019 3 min read

Skin care is competitive and consumers are savvy. They are becoming more and more educated thanks to the Internet and the wide array of information, good and bad, that it provides. With so many abundant choices today in the skin care world, multiple reviews online, and sites that dedicate themselves to refuting and supporting their favorite brands,  it is important to know what you are really seeking in a skin care line, and even down to a skin care line’s key ingredients. What matters to you….think about it!


One of our star ingredients in our best-selling Hard Night Good Morning Daytime Moisturizer, red algae, is one that you can readily research online to find its features and benefits.  There are many types of algae and red algae, but in my opinion, and in many other people’s opinion online, ours is the best. We use Alguard®, made by Frutarom. Frutarom has created Alguard® by extracting a polysaccharide from the red algae that protects not only the algae in nature from draught, extremes in temperature and environmental changes, and the sun’s harmful UVB rays, but will also protect your skin. Here is a run-down of what Alguard® is and what it can do for your skin from www.articlearn.com:

“The molecular composition of Alguard® contains negatively charged glucoronic acid, which forms a mesh-like protective surface evenly across the skin. When someone puts Alguard® on their skin, the effect is both immediately noticeable, and provides protection over the long-term. Within thirty minutes of applying Alguard®, the skin begins to look noticeably younger, with the effect lasting all day. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is typically reduced by 20 percent, with a 24 percent improvement in the skin’s texture. After application of Alguard®, the skin is glowing and revitalized.

Alguard® guards the skin in three ways over the long-term to promote the facial health and vitality. Frutarom calls the first effect InsultGuard; Alguard® protects the skin against environmental irritants, oxidation and inflammatory agents. Over the long term, evidence suggests that InsultGuard minimizes the effects of aging.
MicroGuard is the second effect Alguard® has on the skin. Alguard® actually prevents microbes from adhering to the skin. The fewer problems that your skin must defend against, the less potential there is for long term damage, such as scaring due to acne.”
A third effect of Alguard® is called SunGuard. As with the algae it is designed to protect,
Alguard® protects the skin from damaging sun rays, which have been associated with skin damage.”

And from www.a-read.com:

Benefits of Using Alguard™

“The polysaccharide has multiple uses and benefits for the skin. For instance, it can protect the skin against irritants and prevent it from oxidation. It protects the skin against the damaging rays of the sun and prevents the adhesion of microorganisms on the skin surface. When it comes to beauty, it enhances the texture of the skin by reducing roughness seconds after application. It also reduces the visibility of wrinkles to promote a younger look and gives the skin surface a glossy appearance.”

Alguard® is the perfect ingredient for sensitive and acne prone skin. Believe it or not, at least half of the women that I meet and advise in the skin care business have sensitive skin, rosacea or acne…many times adult onset acne. One of the dermatologists I studied under made a very interesting point when he said, “sensitive skin always is made, not born.” He goes on to point out that “except for those skin conditions associated with an immune problem such as atopic dermatitis and a few others, sensitive skin results from three factors: environmental insults, too much soap and too many cosmetic products.

Our Daytime Moisturizer has been formulated with Alguard® specifically for sensitive skin and skin prone to acne, rosacea or any other irritating conditions.  It can be used morning and night, and provides a natural way to get a little sun protection without using an SPF. This is the only moisturizer I pack when I travel, as it covers it all… moisturization, hydration, anti-inflammation and is an antioxidant. It is great for rough skin, and is the perfect anti-aging product to combat wrinkles and keep our skin smooth as we age.

 Everyone can use Hard Night Good Morning’s Daytime Moisturizer.It is the perfect product to try if you are new to the Hard Night Good Morning line or just a skin care junkie! Trust me…you will become an addict!

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