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January 19, 2018 3 min read

Being a cast member of Real Housewives of Dallas has allowed me to be glammed by some of the best make-up artists in the business. I’m always taking notice of their techniques and tips to use daily when we are not in production. It is a real luxury to be pampered by the best, and I enjoy every minute of it. Today, however, I am going to give you tips about your natural eyelashes and how to keep them healthy and beautiful.

I often use and love the look of false eyelashes. I even have my “go-to” number that I prefer because I know it will always fit and look great on my lids without any cutting or prep. I just slap some eyelash glue on and voilà, I’m ready to go! I love the appearance of voluminous, luxurious eyelashes and playing around with different eyelash looks. I have even been known to do the “double lash” for extra effect from time to time. While long lashes can make your eyes look extra flirty and alluring, the constant use of false eyelashes does have its drawbacks. It is important to take care of your real lashes even if you are cheating on them!

Although there are many pros to wearing glamorous lashes, they aren’t without their cons. Yes, they can be quite expensive. Also, there is the risk of an allergic reaction, either from the lash you purchase or the adhesive you use for the application. The most troublesome side effect of frequent false eyelash use is the shedding of your natural lash, resulting in thinner lashes. Very few women, myself included, have the luscious fullness found in artificial lashes, but with a little attention, your eyelashes can look healthy, full and natural.

Since I know that keeping my own lashes healthy is the risk I take…and I still love my false eyelashes, here are some tips and tricks I use to keep my lashes stunning and full even when I am not wearing the falsies!

Easy things you can do to make your lashes appear fuller and healthier:

  1. Remove all eye makeup at night with our PM Oil Cleanser / Makeup Remover and when dry, with an eyelash comb, go through the lashes once or twice daily.

  2. Warm some coconut oil and with a Q-tip, apply to upper and lower lash line. This also works with castor oil straight out of the bottle (no need to warm).

  3. Infuse some fresh lemon peel into 1/8 cup of olive oil for a day. Keep in a cool place to allow a good infusion of the two ingredients. Apply over entire eyelid area and lashes. Make sure to use sparingly and do not get into the eyes. You may also rub remaining oil mixture on elbows to soften and lighten.

  4. Gently massaging the eyelid once or twice daily increases circulation to help boost the growth of lashes.

After cleansing, pay attention to the eye area. Beautiful lashes need a beautiful frame for them. Wrinkles and lines around the eyes quickly add a negative impact on that appearance you are looking to achieve. Be sure to use Hard Night Good Morning Eye Cream morning and evening. Before applying eye makeup, and after using eyelid primer, dust the eyelid very lightly with Hard Night Good Morning Translucent Powder to smooth and help set your eye makeup.

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