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January 30, 2018 3 min read

One of the things my mother and I share and discuss often is our total commitment to helping people attain overall health. Since she had cancer 30 years ago, this has become our life’s work at Ultimate Living and Hard Night Good Morning.

Are all healthy people beautiful? Sometimes inner health doesn’t lead to outer beauty, but I rarely see beautiful people that lack inner health. The bottom line is that no matter your standing in life at a particular time (I say this because things are fluid and changing so don’t accept where you are as the end all…I certainly don’t), you have a greater amount of control over your health and beauty than you think.

The Ultimate Living supplement line addresses inner health, while Hard Night Good Morning brings the opportunity for health and beauty to the largest organ of the body, our skin. Our lines complement one another in a way in which health and beauty become partners.

For so many of us with busy lives and limited time, even with the best intentions, we miss our goals of healthy eating. So, we really must supplement our diets with those elements we aren’t taking in from food to ensure our daily needs can be met. We never tell anyone they can treat or improve medical conditions with nutritional supplementation alone. The word to remember is SUPPLEMENT or as I like to say, COMPLEMENT, as in COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE. Similarly, taking care of our skin is no different. Consistency with the use of high quality, results-driven skin care can contribute greatly to our skin’s health and beauty. That is why we have addressed both issues with our two companies.

Every day we encourage you to take charge of your own health and beauty, lead as healthy a lifestyle as possible, and whenever you can, try to control the stress affecting your life. Put yourself and your health first, as there are people depending on you to be your best, and you cannot help others if you are not at your optimum. Daily use of Ultimate Living’s Green Miracle Powder or Capsules for a boost of healthy digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fruit and vegetable blends will help to meet your daily nutritional needs.

Multi-vitamins are the foundation of nutrition, and they are the building blocks that help us reach our daily goals of recommended vitamins and minerals. Everyone needs to be on a multi-vitamin, including men, women, AND children. Ultimate Living has outstanding and complete formulations in those areas, including a great Multi-Vitamin for Kids with Green Miracle. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start a new regimen and make basic changes such as these into your diet.

For good overall skin health, we recommend a simple consistent routine of cleansing, repairing, hydrating and protecting. We have a wonderful PM Oil Cleanser and Makeup Remover that is effective, gentle, and completely removes makeup and debris. Your skin will feel and look refreshed and revived. Our Detox Toner restores your face back to the perfect pH balance after cleansing so our products can be utilized in the most effective manner.

A daily serum or elixir, such as our Facial Cocktail Serum or L22 Elixir, is a must in treating your skin to ingredients that offer anti-aging properties and antioxidants in concentrated forms. Our Facial Cocktail Serum has been a success since its introduction, and L22 Elixir is our newest and most exciting product to come along in years, with new delivery technologies and highly researched and touted ingredients.

Lastly, I always plug using a great sunscreen. Do not leave the house during the day without a sunscreen or a tinted moisturizer with a high SPF. I have mentioned ones I like here. Keeping your skin care regimen simple but effective has always been my greatest goal. I am confident your reward will be healthy, beautiful, and smooth looking skin.

In conclusion, I have to say, “Thanks”, to my mom, for making me aware at a very early age of the importance of being healthy. She gave me the solid basis of believing health and beauty go hand in hand!

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