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September 04, 2017 2 min read

Eat your vegetables…a phrase that has been uttered continuously throughout the generations! If only someone had told me that this simple rule would help my skin, maybe I would’ve listened more carefully!


A balanced diet is crucial for all areas of your life, even for the health of your complexion and hair. Any food that is a good source of Vitamin A or beta-carotene (which your body converts into Vitamin A), is key to maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin A is fundamental to the growth of skin cells, which keep skin feeling soft, looking smooth, and free of wrinkles. Pumpkin contains almost 400% of your daily Vitamin A needs, while Kale is a great source for Vitamin A and C. Speaking of Vitamin C, this is what helps keeps skin tight and firm. Kiwis and oranges are the go-to fruits for these nutrients, and in fact, studies are now showing benefits from eating the peels of these citrus fruits for the UV-protective oils they contain.


Research also shows that people who eat green and yellow bell peppers have less wrinkles and diminished crow’s feet, because they contain antioxidants that combat aging induced by free radicals. Tomatoes are also full of essential antioxidants which improve your skin’s natural SPF. There are options for everyone, no matter your palate or taste preferences. But overall, research shows that people who eat higher levels of fruits and vegetables, have a healthier, more glowing appearance to their complexion. And who doesn’t want to glow?




For those of you that are constantly on the go like myself, getting your recommended daily servings of these healthier foods can be challenging. And, you can’t exactly walk around with a small grocery store worth of produce in your purse all day! Our Ultimate Living Green Miracle can help bridge the gap in your diet and help to keep your skin radiant by providing 8000 mg of organic and all-natural ingredients. It is pure nutrition. I’ve been supplementing my diet for over 20 years with green foods. I hope you will try this product to see and feel for yourself the benefits of superfoods.





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