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August 24, 2017 2 min read

Over the past 8 years of owning a skin care company and answering numerous questions posed to me regarding acne, aging etc. as it related to diet, I have come to the conclusion, that dairy products in general are not a good choice for people with acne or skin prone to inflammatory breakouts. I’m also including rosacea in the list of conditions that may be affected by these type of foods, as it is a result of inflammation in the body.

More dairy products are consumed in the USA than in any other country in the world. Try that on for size. We are also one of the fattest countries, if not the fattest. Dairy consumption of any kind forms mucous in our systems. It produces inflammation in the body, which triggers a host of problems, some of them being skin related. Some people are more proficient than others at digesting dairy, however, in my opinion, it still isn’t good for you, and if you are acne or inflammatory prone, you should avoid this food group all together.

Acne, is an inflammatory condition that is caused by excess sebum or oil. When oil gets trapped inside your pores, they get clogged, thus allowing bacteria to grow within the follicles.  Here is where inflammation plays its key role. It produces the red bumps on your skin from the bacteria. Another interesting fact is that whey products and milk proteins also do the same thing. Did you ever notice how many body builders have acne? My thought, they are ingesting too many protein drinks.



With people suffering from rosacea, the blood vessels on their face are triggered by a number of factors which causes the vessels to dilate and blood to rush to the surface. As this occurs more often, the skin becomes damaged over time. This presents itself by inflamed skin and redness characteristic of this disease. Studies have proved that people suffering with this condition had bacterial overgrowth in their intestinal tract. Voila! There is that pesky word, bacteria again. 

If you are suffering from any kind of irritation of the skin, my advice is to swear off dairy products and move on to things like coconut cream and nut milks as a substitute. I cook some delicious dishes in my home without using any dairy products at all. Our skin glows because of it!

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