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September 27, 2018 5 min read

"Her true colors are shining through her fake apologies."

Hey Y’all!

Apparently, I am still getting smashed on the head from the smash party! Some people just can’t stop berating me even when they are obviously in the wrong. I think it is telling that LeeAnne said I was putting on a show at the smash party, when at Brandi’s pop up shop she cried and said how sorry she was that she hurt me. I think this is like the “pot calling the kettle black”, don’t you think? She went as far as to say she would rather hurt herself than hurt me, but she isn’t doing a good job of putting her actions behind her "Mouth of the South"?? So, who is really putting on the show, LeeAnne or me?

I was not as upset about the fact that people might know I was having financial struggles, or even that I had only $200 in one of my accounts while I saved money for my company. I was upset because my best friend of over a decade would gossip about my financial situation to someone else. If you can’t understand why that is hurtful, then you don’t understand trust and loyalty in the first place. As I said, money doesn’t define me, but integrity and truth does. LeeAnne had nefarious intentions going to Cary, that is obvious, and no one and no spin story is going to change that fact.

At Brandi’s trunk show, I was trying to keep things light-hearted with everyone. It was such a great moment for Brandi, and I didn’t want to make it about me. As soon as I made that joke to LeeAnne about shopping with my last $200, those negative feelings started bubbling up. I was too emotional at the smash party to really explain WHY I was upset about what LeeAnne did. LeeAnne knows quite well that her financial situation is a touchy subject for her—as she pointed out. It shocked me that she would talk about mine, considering that this is such a vulnerable point in her life. I had a little time to think since the smash party, and I felt like I could get across the reason for my angry reaction. However, I was not impressed with LeeAnne’s explanation—now who is acting?

For LeeAnne to cry in my face about hurting me, then to go on and say I was putting on a show for being upset in the first place, is the most hypocritical and condescending thing I have ever seen. When I said she has said “a lot”, I meant it. She is saying nasty and malicious things about me constantly, and her true colors are shining through her fake apologies. Her words and her actions are just not adding up these days.

Let’s break this down, shall we? LeeAnne goes behind my back to gossip about my financial situation to Cary, then she tries to mask it as concern when she gets caught. When I vent to her about what is going on with my company, she calls me lazy, then at Brandi’s show, tells me she understands why I am upset and she knows how hard all of this is for me. Finally, she goes behind my back AGAIN to say I am putting on a show…? When you’re constantly talking out of both sides of your mouth, I guess you’re bound to confuse yourself!

Let’s get this straight regarding my business affairs. I had a job in Washington, DC, that I left to return home to Dallas because my stepfather was told he had less than 10 years to live after a quadruple bypass, and my biological father had been diagnosed with Ataxia. My mother said at the time she wanted me to take over her company and that I should move home. After weighing all of the pros and cons of a move back to Dallas, I decided that family trumped my political career. My heart chose a move home to spend more time with my parents. So, anyone saying I am whining about not getting a company given to me is sorely mistaken. I gave up a good job and bright future to come home and be close to my family and work at my mother’s company for the above reasons. I felt an obligation to continue my mother’s legacy of overcoming cancer by leading her successful nutrition company that she began over 22 years ago. Am I disappointed in the turn my plans have taken? Absolutely. Am I sitting around crying over spilled milk and years of dedication that didn’t come to fruition? No way. I am doing what my mother’s daughter would do. I am finding a way to break off and continue the successful company I started with my own money, blood, sweat, and tears, and NO ONE, not LeeAnne Locken and certainly not her lying duplicitous mouth can take that away from me.      

LeeAnne and I weren’t the only ones hashing out our issues at Brandi’s show. Kameron and Cary seemed to get pretty heated as well. I understand why Kameron was upset when she laid everything out from Beaver Creek. Watching it back, it did seem a little like Cary was just playing into whatever the person she was talking to at that moment wanted to hear. However, I think Cary was simply trying to diffuse the situation. She clearly thought both Kameron and Stephanie were wrong in what they said. I do think Kameron had a point when she got upset with Cary for bringing Stephanie into their conversation. It wasn’t really about Stephanie, she was just part of the example Kameron was using to say that Cary sometimes plays both sides of a disagreement.

I think Kameron has a double standard at times. She says that Brandi is a bad influence on Stephanie and me, but she neglects to notice LeeAnne’s influence and manipulation of her? When I am with Brandi, we have fun. I might take a couple extra tequila shots and play a drinking game—horrible, I know!! When Kameron is with LeeAnne, she becomes convinced that everyone is out to get her and that her longtime friends are in fact, her enemies.

LeeAnne plants ideas into Kameron’s head. I know, I’ve been there with her before. Not to mention, LeeAnne can mop the floor of the bar with her hair and hump me on a chair, but if Brandi plays a prank she is the scum of society? Sounds like you’ve got a little bug in your ear, Kam. I hope it doesn’t buzz so loudly it ruins your ability to hear for yourself from the other important voices.

Until next week, I hope you all behave as well as I do (;




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